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On this page I intend to share some of my original designs. These are for your personal use only.  Please of you use them, I would love to see a scan and include it to my upcoming guest artist gallery.
I designed this pattern for the friendship quilt swap, it is for flat peyote, but it could easily be converted into an amulet bag.
Here are the patterns (loom, brick and peyote stitch) I did of the Hebrew Alphabet.
 Link to Hebrew Alphabet
Recently I''ve had alot of questions on how I did the fringe on my Blue Poppy Bag. The bag is done in size 14 Japanese seeds and 14 and 15 hex's. I found that the different sizes of beads worked well together.
So here goes my attempt to explain the process:
First I graphed out the whole design on the Bead Pattern Designer using the loom graph:
After I had done that, I printed out the loom graph (and didn't save it to the program either, that's why it's such a poor picture) and decided where I wanted the bag to start.  I didn't use the fringe feature on the program because it only gives fringe for every other bead in peyote and I wanted thick lush fringe. I then deleted all the rows I didn't want in the body of the bag and converted it to peyote. Had to do some modifications to get it to look right. The next step was to convert and print the front of the bag.
The next step was to reverse the graph since I wanted the design on both sides, this didn't work perfectly, but I adjusted for it while beading.
This is a reverse image of the front of the bag.
I put a flat bottom on the bag.  And on doing the fringe I found it to be easier to start it form one of the colored beads and work out to each side. Each bead on the bottom of the bad has a fringe hanging from it.  As for the length it was just a judgment call. I also did the fringe on both sides of the bag to give it a thick lush look, and so when the fringe moves the design still is clear.
I did the strap with Kathy Rice's diamond chain.  You can find the instructions by linking to Marylyn's Page.
 Diamond Chain


I would love to hear from you!!!

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