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T allit
And other Hebrew Designs

This is a Bat Mitzvah Tallit.  The Tallit is tie dyed silk done by my friend Elle Weiser.  I designed the beadwork and Elle did her
  first beading on this project.  She is a quick study. These pieces are loomed out of Japanese 11's with rainbow moonstone beads as accents.



 Two  close up views, the first is Miriam in Hebrew and the second Shalom.


 And last but not least the back.  This is a peyoted purple and green Tourmaline crystal, hanging from  brick stitch with netting.

If you would like the graphs for the Hebrew Alphabet follow this

Star of David done in matte black and 22k gold delicas.
This was a Bar Mitzvah present for Elle's son Isaac.
It is a pendant that hangs from a leather strap.



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