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Needle Cases
I have started a new collection of needle case designs, called Flowers from My Favorite Gardens.  These are all original designs based on photographs I have taken of flowers.  They are beaded in Delicas and Toho Antiques.  They are available as patterns (for needle cases or amulet bags) or kits at:
 Kristi's Patterns and Kits
Click on the thumbnails for a closer look.
Hibiscus Needle Case
Viola Needle Case
Magnolia Needle Case
Blue Poppy Needle Case
Purple Aster Needle Case
Chrysanthemum Needle Case
These first two needle cases are done in three drop peyote lace or vertical netting as it is also known, using Japanese 14's. I leave the bottoms of my needle cases unbeaded so I can write the size of the needles there.
This next one I call Denver Spilled Beads because I used the Japanese 14's that I spilled in Denver and didn't want to sort.  This was an experiment to get the row count for doing one in 14's and peyote. Now I just have to do a row count on one of the tall needle cases.
This needle case is a prototype for monogram designs.  It's done in Delicas with the letter in 22 kt. matte gold, highlighted with 22 kt. gold, and Toho Antiques as the background.
 The top of the lid is done in flat round peyote.
Sorry for the bad scan, metallic beads in the round are difficult.
This next one was designed my me and beaded from a kit by Lynne Quinn, aka Beadjunkie.
The "L" is done in 22 kt matte gold delicas and highlighted with 22 kt. gold delicas. It has leaves and rosebuds to finish out the design. These needle cases are available either as patterns or as kits.  At:
 Kristi's Patterns and Kits

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