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New Fall Needle Case Pattern
Yellow Spider Mum Needle Case or Amulet Bag
This pattern is for delica beads.  To make the needle case, pick up 36 beads, the first two rows and tie the tightly around the needle case.  Follow the the pattern till you reach the empty rows, finish off the the beadwork by weaving your thread tail in.  Then repeat for the needle case lid.  Excellent instructions for even count tubular peyote can be found at:
 Suzanne Cooper's Jump Start Class Room
 Lesson Two
For the flat round peyote top and bottom the instructions can be found at:
 Anne Hawley's Flat Round Peyote
To turn this needle case pattern into an amulet bag.  Double the bead count from 36 beads to 72 and ignore the empty beads (the beads marked "E").  Add a strap and fringe.


If you have any questions please email me.

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