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New Work
Malachite Dutch Spiral
This is made from a kit I got from Rayney King.  I told her I was looking for a malachite cab to use in a dutch spiral.  She told me she had just made up a kit with on, so I got it.  She does such a great job on colors.  I change some of the colors around and added lots of extra spikes.  It turned out beautifully and sold for several hundred dollars!  Thanks Rayney.
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Wings of the Goddess
This piece if made entirely of hematite and sterling silver.  The Goddess bead is carved hematite and the chain is
 2 mm sterling silver and 2 mm hematite beads, it also has a sterling silver snake clasp.  The chain is called the "Biva Chain" and this chaining technique was worked out by Karen Davis.  To see more of Karen's beautiful work on  The Camel Lot .
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Here is a close up of the wonderful goddess bead. It is not a thumbnail, so clicking on it won't take you any where.
The Blues
This bracelet is done in the Ndebele weave. It incorporates delicas, bugles, triangle beads, twisted hex's and drops.  I fell in love with this stitch because of it's versatility, in that you can do it flat or tubular and incorporate all different sizes and types of beads.
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 Here are some close ups of the incorporation of the different types of beads.
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Bitty Beaded Beads Bracelets
These Bracelets were inspired by Susan Disher and Red Ventling. For directions on making them check out:
  Bitty Beaded Bead Tutorial
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Peach Moonstones and Pearls
Green and Gold
It didn't scan well.
Blue Crystals and Blue Pearls
Purple Crystals
Faceted Dark Purple Amethyst
Faceted Laborite
Figure "8" Bracelet
This one side of this bracelet is done in 22 kt. Bright Gold Twisted Hex's and Delicas, the other is done in Black Twisted Hex's and Delicas.  The directions for it can be found in Jewelry Crafts, March/April 1997.
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Sand Dollar Cab Choker
I bought these beads because I loved the colors.  I didn't have any idea what I was going to do with them. The next day Michelle Heiss came over with this cab she had done.  The color was perfect to go with my new beads. The strap and fringe are embellished with tiny peach fresh water pearls. Be sure and check out more of Michelle's wonderful cabs at:
 Cab Avenue
For instructions on setting cabs with beads and no backing go to:
 Red's Cab Tutorial
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WolfEyes (a work in progress)
This piece is loomed in Charlottes and 14's.  It measures 2.25 x 11 inches.  It is going to be a hanging and will eventually have fringe across the bottom and a hanger on top.  This is a beaded version of my favorite cross stitch pattern.
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Beaded Needle Cases
I have started a new collection of needle case designs, called Flowers from My Favorite Gardens.  These are all original designs based on photographs I have taken of flowers.  They are beaded in Delicas and Toho Antiques.  They are available as patterns (for needle cases or amulet bags) or kits at:
 Kristi's Patterns and Kits
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Hibiscus Needle Case
 Viola Needle Case
Magnolia Needle Case
Blue Poppy Needle Case
Purple Aster Needle Case
Chrysanthemum Needle Case


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